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quickly stood up, laughed.
Xiao Yan’s body froze in place, seems to still finishing the minds of the huge extra information, so after a good moment,Coach Outlet Online, just; $ body a shiver, callous, angry eyes took some promise, daylight turned to Tang Zhen, smiled and nodded,Coach Outlet Store, immediately Baoquan Gong Sheng said: ‘! Thank you Don Guzhu generous gift of’
Xiao YanqingKnow that receiving this heritage, its benefits are not necessarily small,coach purses outlet, but he and Tang Zhen said it is not what is the relationship between the generation excellent, but the latter for what he did, indeed, he may abide thanks so solemn.
thanks for Xiao Yan, Tang Zhen is arbitrary waved, smiled and said: ‘? the full practice of law Skyfire Sanxuan change, should have it in your mind.’
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head, mind a move, my mind suddenly emerge into an esoteric practice of the law, it is the full version of Skyfire Sanxuan change, which not only includes the first change, but also a second variant,Coach Outlet Online, Put the third practice of change. ‘Finally get their hands on the …’
Xiao Yan heart – at the moment is thrilled that with this day fire Sanxuan change his fighting, will be rapidly soaring! ‘Skyfire Sanxuan change even though it can greatly enhance the strength in a short time, but the energy obtained is unusually violent, when control of, have to be doubly careful.’ Don earthquake reminds us.
Xiao Yan nodded his head,Coach Outlet Online, for he knows that he had, after all, become the first days of the fire Sanxuan change, he also practicing for several years, for such violent energy control, already is handy. ‘Since the days of the fire Sanxuan change has arrived,Coach Outlet Store, it would be the first unmarried it …’ Tang Zhen smiled, then took the lead House floor next line, followed by Xiao Yan Tang fire immediately and to children. Out of the

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name first, the people here, basically no one never heard of! Vamp Cao, Cao Ying,Coach Factory Outlet, a candidate for the future, one giant Vedanta!
front of the name of the head may not be loud, but the latter, but it is enough to make too many people who see it as a high-ranking God Di, Danta giant, this great position of power the whole continent, anyone sitting there, all who can really feel what kind of monstrous power means that -
Danta, all the hearts of the Holy Land continent refining pharmacists, and even not polite to say,Coach Outlet Online, Danta giant, is refining pharmacists hearts of countless spiritual leader, Danta appeal, needless – doubt, and this appeal , it is entirely dependent on the will of Danta giants! One
Cao Ying, Cao history of the most outstanding genius, Danta Big Three pro-disciple,Coach Factory Outlet, according to her development trend today, after a hundred years,Coach Outlet Store, it is absolutely possible to become candidates giant Vedanta, even. ‘Under the opportunity, but also the so-called candidate removed away places, and time,’ she is holding will be established since Danta, the first female giant!
so high achievement for a woman, her head on the kind of dazzling aura,cheap coach bags, indeed, was enough to make everyone within the hall, worth looking at.
black woman gaze swept the farm, was not swept in others, but under the sweep, Dayton is the home of Dan in the top seat,Coach Outlet Online, of course, her sun, and it is not that warm look Xuan Dan refined, but its side that were soft provincial judge Qieqie girl …
gaze seems sensitive to Cao Ying, Dai Mei also the emblem of the girls that were doing a bunch of eyes intertwined with the former a bit, that is open to dodge.
seeing, Cao Ying faceEnchanting hint of a smile appeared on the cheek, Lianbuqingyi, is to go against Cao seats, in its wake, a line of people Cao followed on,

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day to display their good fortune Xiao Yan palm, even stardom Laogui That strength, etc., are to be on the spot spike, so even he For this trick, all feel fear, and now you want to display a saw Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet, is suddenly Lenghe.
respect this Lenghe hear the sound of nine days, Xiao Yan golden palm is a lag,Coach Outlet Store Online, immediately look awe-inspiring
staring at the former.
‘with the seat Huihun Hall, will be able to see your father,Coach Outlet Online, if you dared argue, must be the seat back,
will kill your father! ‘nine days statue looking indifferent road,Coach Outlet Store.
Xiao Yan eyes staring cold statue nine days, after a moment, but it is a smile, gentle tone: ‘The loss you still respect the soul of the house for nine days,Coach Outlet Online, but it is foolish to use this and other tricks, I’m not a fool, I’m good to live on the outside , it really can save my father, once so if I fall into your hands, I xiaojia. just is really over, so this threat, useless to me. ‘ Xiao Yan Zhang Pingjing
looking face, nine days statue is slightly gloomy eyes, he did not expect to actually be able to behave XiaoYan so, it is true,Coach Factory Outlet, but also as Xiao Yan said, as long as he is still alive, there is opportunity Rescued Xiao war, but even if he were to fall in the hands of the soul of the house, then this silk opportunity will forever gone.
this reason, although not complicated, but in order to rescue a teacher, can painstakingly went Plains of Emotion Shigeyoshi from Gama EmpirePeople, but it is that it must have considerable intellect and choice.
‘nine days statue, this kid cunning as foxes, are not likely to eat you with this set, we are together
hands, he will just be the right path Qin Zhu. ‘Flower evil demon king road.
nine nodded indifferently looking statue, one pace forward and gently across, in front of the space is a burst of distortion,

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have it so?’ Xiao Yan sneer, not wait for the iron law enforcement satire, waved his hand, a certain attraction is the storm surge out, once again, he absorbed entered into Yuping, then invisible flame perfusion and into the seal when the Yuping, is constantly permeated with high temperature, so that was one of the iron status of the Custodian of the soul will always be in serious injury. Custodian
iron seal again, Xiao Yan is Qingtu breath,Coach Outlet Store Online, immediately looking a little bit grimFrom the iron law enforcement said he could see some soul of the house this monster iceberg _ angle, can even this little corner, so that was also quite shocked him, indeed even the old drugs are endless fear terrorist forces ah. ” How you going to do? ‘Medusa slowly asked.
‘before it went Noire region in search of – different fire, it is also for the soul of the house to do some investigation, according to the iron law enforcement so that the strength in me now impossible pose any threat to the soul of the house, so. ‘as soon as possible or to enhance the strength ah. ‘Xiao Yan sigh a sigh, muttering loudly, immediately waved and said.’ You will pick up a good thing, tomorrow, will depart rushed Noire domain! ‘Seven hundred and eightieth chapters rushed Noire domain
The following morning, on top of a mountain day poison outside the city,Coach Outlet Online, a few shadows Shanlue standing. Gaze beneath the foot of the huge city, Xiao Yan Qingtu breath, migraine opposite side of the small medical cents softly: ‘all going to come with me?’
‘ah, internal things were finished table also explained,Coach Outlet Store Online, and,Cheap Coach, even when I get back to what really appeared, it does not matter,coach bags outlet sale, I was able to set up a drug case, naturally,Coach Outlet Online, be able to set up a second time.’ Not a small medical cents care of the road, had set up drug cases, just

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blood pool, where the energy aid,Coach Outlet, breaking the imperial struggle.’
Stone nodded, glanced at Xiao Yan, said: ‘This is the place where I found the Rat bite, in order to open up out there, Rat bite can die a lot, so I suppose I bite where the Rat family secret places Even Feng Qing children, who also did not know how? ‘
slowly fingers crossed, Xiao Yan thought for a moment,Coach Outlet Online, this raised his eyes, look into the stone, said:. ‘can be, but it must be waiting for me at the end of the Tianshan smoothly from blood pool, the parties can Qudu for seniors.’
stone Jiao squint eyes, slowly: ‘But you are not the letter, but the so-called I said rumor, I Miss You can not alone word, is able to determine that you really will my body get rid of it burning Tianshan ? ‘
‘Here is the Tianmu,Coach Outlet Online, bite gold rat race site,Coach Outlet Store Online, there are two predecessors sat stone and Kanaya fed, they would not think the kid will be able to run away so easily, right?’ Xiao Yan smile, said.
heard, stone slightly tilted his head,Coach Outlet Store Online, and the Valley as the one good moment later, just nodded his head,coach purses outlet, faint: ‘That being the case, it will believe you once, I hope you can do when it comes to the time if not Exchanges can not really required to achieve this condition, we do not blame the old lady of the words on the last, faint promise between these threatsTaste, but this is just a smile Xiao Yan, although the body of the Tianshan burning stone very heavy, but get rid of, and it is not totally no way, ‘Xiao Yan never seen against the stone hand of a Young, a golden sweep forward person. Under
Tianshan blood pool space rat race I bite gold cloth knot under the microscope, by virtue of the things you have to just be able to enter. ‘Stone road. Xiao Yan grabbed
eyes glance, is actually a dark golden rat skull, nodded his head, the

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there is a faint dark space between the cracks …
huge fireball suddenly rising, it is like another one like the sun, the release of Nirvana degree of terror, which implied destructive power,Coach Factory Outlet, so that was the presence of all, including its creator Xiao Yan,Cheap Coach Purses, all face changed pale get up, which broke off a fireball if I am afraid that in the hospital,coach purses outlet, and within a hundred miles around, would instantly be gone …
for why the fire lotus become so horrible, Xiao Yan is not clear, he fired into the cold black cloud is lost when the ability to control the fire lotus, the reason behind such a big change there, probably because extreme heat and extreme cold chill of paint and rub against each other an extension of the changes, but for whatever reason, at the moment of the fireball is no longer within the control of Xiao Yan, if let it broke off …, all within the hospital students fear will Shiguwucun!
think of the kind of outcome,Coach Outlet Online, even Xiao Yan, also called bitter cold Hao, this time, seems to really play much of the …
took a deep breath, Xiao Yan eyes of the passing touch of color ruthless,Coach Outlet, take a handful of immortality from sodium ring, and then fiercely into the tick, and feeling powerful drug riots up,Coach Outlet, he choked back meridians pass to sense pain, a blood spray, then hold the palm of blood.
Anyway, fire lotus is made, Xiao Yan, though previously lost control, but still has a way to re-Xiao Yan will control it, but the kind of price, but it is quite large, perhaps, after a year and a half even if the rest overload, are difficult to reply to the peak, but this time … did not care too much.
stained with the blood of the palm print proceed slowly change, and Mang Yan eyes in the dark, is gradually took a strong bloodshot As Xiao Yan fingerprints
changes, its sense of pain

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Nalan sweet, otherwise, even if he also was trapped in this maze of a …
fog, the soft-touch palm, as if holding an excellent jade general, feminine feel,Coach Outlet, taste quite attractive species, so that was Xiao Yan heart could not help a swing, but this mood just appeared, Xiao Ting is quickly suppressed, immediately Grossly, nose, nose view of the heart, let Nalan sweet pulled, slowly, step by step before the line.
so quiet before the trip, which lasted nearly half an hour, Xiao Yan had just noticed the fog seemed to brake gradually fades around a lot. ‘To a maze of.’ ‘Side, also came Nalan sweet relief like that softly.
Nalan sweet voice just fallen, while the breeze is blowing from the face,Coach Factory Outlet, around the fog suddenly volatility,Coach Outlet, immediately rapid retreat, the surrounding landscape is slowly emerging.
duo appeared in front of Xiao Yan is a very majestic peaks, and the two at the moment, then it is at the bottom of the mountain halfway in, in that some of the steep sides of the mountain, covered with constantly blonde Giant scatter in all directions too. ‘These are the Rat bite, do not hurt them,Coach Outlet Store Online, or if Hu would annoy bite Rat family.’ ‘Beautiful eyes looking at those golden giant rat, Nalan sweet cautioned. Ah.’ Xiao Yan nodded slightly.
‘Come on,Coach Outlet Online, halfway up is the Tianshan station,Coach Outlet, after that, is that there will be some hurdles bite gold cloth under the rat race, and only those who successfully break through, just have arrived in Tianjin grid at the Peak of Tianshan blood pool.’ Carolina sweet blue arctic fox holding arms, the hand pointing to the mountainside, sweet smiles.
‘Tianshan Taiwan?’ Wen Yan, Xiao soot proud eyes squint, here is the original Tang Ying said that the Tianshan station, but he said there will be opportunities for cooperation Perhaps, I am afraid to say

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then called puppet demon days, some should be more appropriate …
after so many years of training, which is a single-handedly by Xiao Yan refining out of the puppet, and finally into the most advanced technology to the level! With this day demon puppet, Xiao Yan’s life insurance cards, it is much the same!
palm gently patted the shoulder puppet demon days, Xiao Yan smiled, this time Dan,Coach Outlet, Rich harvest too far beyond his expectations ‘
With pressure pressure above the horizon thick thunderclouds dissipate warm sunshine again poured from the sky above sets and then irradiated in this raging through 丹雷 world, the kind of warm feeling,Coach Outlet Store, so that was a lot of people kind of feel like a rebirth Woon’s strange.
in the sunshine and enjoyed the one after,Coach Factory Outlet, and that the audience’s eyes, suddenly turned spontaneously Xuankong child,Coach Outlet, who resides at the high-profile, and now Dan will be regarded as thoroughly came to a close,Cheap Coach Purses, then, that it is announced the final results when a sixth more! ! ! ! ! There are four more! ! ! ! ! I code code code code code code! ! !
seven thousand votes, and my eyes are blood red, and there are so many brothers and sisters to the force, ten more count ass ah, code! ! ! Toward the dead code! You gave me power desperately, then fight for all to see! Let those who want to see a joke,Coach Outlet, go to hell! ! Continue to desperately go! ! Brothers and sisters, we dare the last two days in this magic 1 ○ year, and then point it flair? ! !
we dare to create a record of what is not broken? ! ! 1160th Council ended nine chapters Dan
at that audience gaze, high platform Xuankong child also smiled, immediately step forward slowly, slowly in the sky Ai sight sweep, and then on top of that meal in a slim figure. (Www.з ‘This time, extra words, the old lady would not say

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the trio is together, but not until they are completely running grudge, terrible sonic impact, temporary body already!
that once let Xiao Yan burned by eating terrible attack speed,Coach Factory Outlet, which once again so that was a surprise North Dragon trio!
in that horrible speed, they also do not have much time to the defense!
‘bang,Coach Outlet Store!’
soul shock, comes and goes faster,Coach Factory Outlet, and that the three North dragon’s body, but also in sound waves that penetrate the body Yisha, came the muffled sound of a muffled.
three stiff body froze for a moment, the West and South Dragon Dragon instant two pale complexion, a blood spray out, my mind constantly saw and knife-like pain came, so they kind of have the urge to tear his head.
‘small animals, I want to tear you birth.’
North Dragon slightly better,Coach Outlet Online, but also somewhat pale complexion, his eyes looked extremely grim not far Xiao Yan, eyes, filled with brutal intention to kill.
that pernicious trio looked rather grim look, Xiao Yan was a solemn face, but also showing a touch of sneer, fingerprints again slightly changed, mouth light Zhang, a small voice, slowly came:! ‘burst’
voice heard in an instant that road, north dragon eye pupil suddenly shrunk,Coach Bags Outlet, as if to be aware of the general and shoved it back, but it is seen in place a few meters behind them, but also is a Xiao Yan slowly emerge.
moment, in which ‘Xiao Yan’ in the hands of a fire lotus presents five colors, is slowly rotated.
they turned in an instant, that ‘Xiao Yan’ also looked at them strange smile, that beautiful colored lotus fire, that is in their hands, as the brilliant fireworks in general, open …… explosion,
(second more to!
continue yard third more! 1450th eight chapters desperately [third more,Coach Factory Outlet! ]
enough to have a little knowledge is a huge firestorm between

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very understanding, but also understand that this guy is not a fool, who made this site look like a smart guy?
‘go first, this kid with the soul of the house a five star statue of hard boom ‘Although people broke a hand, but it was beaten into serious injuries.’ Venerable wind sighed and said.
‘Om. ‘ Venerable
wind sighing words of a down, the side of the brain is buzzing Mu Qingluan rang, looked stunned Xiao Yan ‘How dare this guy fight and fight strong respect? But also to achieve the five-star fighting statue? This and other strength, even his teacher Venerable wind is never achieved and most have some twitching of her mouth, this guy is actually also the people of a broken hand?
wiped the cold sweat, tabletsAfter Mu Qingluan just gradually recovered,Coach Outlet Online, heart bitter laugh, this guy did exactly what this year? At first just a north wind and thunder Gezhu Court, will be able to kill him was like a lost dog generally flee, but now just a short time, his opponent, has a direct path is jumping the fight cases of direct fighting statue .
head still turned some unexamined, Mu Qingluan mountain board with a pedestrian, then obey the commandments of His Holiness the wind,Cheap Coach, the first small medical cents, who settled down, this is done after ‘her just from the wind Venerable Again the shock to wake up, my heart quietly formed the touch of strange thoughts.
‘if that child now and then met the Qing Feng Xiao-yan,Cheap Coach Purses, I do not know what would be a wonderful expression? ‘
After the dusty small medical cents, who settled the old drugs and the wind is carrying XiaoYan Venerable two straight after a mountain where,Coach Outlet, after a long while ‘paint a black stone,Coach Outlet Store Online, appeared in two horizons in. This stone workmanship
extremely rough, to say the Spire, actually more like a lump of ugly black stone,Coach Outlet Online,